About Us

The Karpati philosophy developed by Eva Karpati, is powered by passion, emotion and respect developed from a very strong family focused background. Karpati creation is known throughout the industry, catering for skin care, hair care and permanent hair reduction. Eva is continually focused on developing solutions and client satisfaction, in an aesthetic, professional and non-compromising manner.

The Karpati concept comes from years of experience, ongoing research and development, including additional work with clients. Eva Karpati has advanced the skin and hair care industry, combining more than 20 years of her experience with innovative concepts derived from consumer requests. Eva Karpati is at the frontier of the hair and skin care industry for those who want noticeable results. Eva insists on professional solutions for dermo aesthetic requirements to prevent, correct and repair skin and hair conditions.

Eva’s own salon is located in the heart of Sydney at Double Bay and has been a recognized and respected name in Sydney’s aesthetic field for over 25 years. Karpati Medispa